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Introducing a hassle-free solution for achieving IFRS 9 and CECL compliance


Expected credit loss REPORTING & ANALYSIS solution

A reliable and flexible way to achieve compliance with IFRS 9 and CECL.

Find out how you can achieve compliance with IFRS 9 and CECL using our Corona ECL solution. Corona ECL comes with structured workflows, clear audit trails and flexible ECL calculation functionality. Our solution ensures speed, performance and scalability.

Corona Expected Credit Loss solution


Discover the possibilities of our cloud‑based Corona ECL solution.

Tailored solution

Corona ECL includes various methodologies for the calculation of probabilities of default and other expected loss components. You can easily select an approach per asset class.

Tailored solution

Modular approach

The modular nature of Corona ECL allows you to mix and match components – you can always leverage your existing models and only use components when you need them.

Modular approach

Clear documentation

Corona ECL comes with extensive documentation that provides a full audit trail of the methodology and calculations. Test evidence is available upon request.

Clear documentation
Flexible data structure

Flexible data structure

Whether you have a fixed data format or many different files, Corona can handle it all. You can configure automated data checks and corrections, all of which are logged in the system.

Robust calculation engine

Robust calculation engine

Corona ECL is the result of years of experience in credit risk management, stress testing and financial reporting. Our models are based on best market practices for credit risk modeling.


Still want more?

You can develop custom calculation routines yourself using our software development kit. Our platform is also able to connect to other web APIs to leverage the results of your existing infrastructure.

Flexible solution

Worried about implementation?
Learn about our ‘no cure no pay’ offer.

Our offer for implementation

Because of our confidence in our platform, you pay no license fees until our platform is fully implemented and capable of generating production figures.
Implementation fees are only due after the successful realization of milestones. This way, you only pay for results.

Zanders Advisory

Unsure what to do? Let us know what is on your mind!

Becoming compliant with CECL or IFRS 9 can be a daunting task. Zanders has extensive experience with ECL projects, so do not hesitate to contact us if you require support.

Why Zanders?

  • Leading consultancy firm in risk management and finance
  • Experts with strong quantitative skills
  • In-depth knowledge in risk management and risk modeling
  • Hands-on experience with credit risk models